What is Document Automation/Assembly?

“Document automation/assembly, at the most basic level, is the creation of new, complete documents from the combination of new, and existing information.”

Document Automation or Document Assembly saves time, effort and money in the production of repetitive documents and forms. A document assembly/automation system is a computer program that is used to create templates. When launched these templates ask questions and automatically create customized documents based on the answers given.

Document assembly overcomes the problems in ordinary work processing, such as cutting, pasting, and reformatting. You get a customized document with all the blanks filled in, all the pronouns and verbs grammatically in place, all the paragraphs properly placed and numbered -everything complete and correct, in a fraction of the time it would take you using a word processor.

With a document assembly system, once templates are created you can increase your productivity many times, while improving the quality of client services.


What is NebDocs?

NebDocs™ takes document assembly to the next level. Not only does this program provide you the benefits of document assembly described above, it provides you with Nebraska State Bar Association templates that can be implemented in your practice out of the box. The documents provided in NebDocs™ have been created by the various substantive law sections of the Nebraska State Bar Association and will be reviewed periodically by these sections to ensure they are compliant with current Nebraska law.


Why use NebDocs™?

“Research indicates that creating documents from within a document assembly system is 50% to 80% quicker than standard creation”

Increased productivity and lower cost

NebDocs templates prompt users to provide required information in a logical sequence. The template then automatically marries answers to format and assembles the document.

NebDocs™ lets you use the word processing programs your staff is comfortable with – Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. You may also save assembled documents as universally accepted PDF files.


Minimize errors

§         Since each new document starts from a template it retains the properties of the template and doesn’t allow the human error factor caused by repetitive typing to be introduced.

§         Search and replace is not needed to update verb tenses, gender references, dates/numbers and much more.

Improve document consistency

·         Since each new document starts from a template each finished legal document contains consistent language.


Share knowledge

·         NebDocs allows experienced colleagues to share knowledge with new colleagues enabling them to come up to speed quicker.

·         Help messages and interview questions are built into templates to assist end users with document completion.


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